Basement Encapsulation Service

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Delaware Basement or Crawlspace Encapsulation Vapor Barrier System Services For Home Basements or Mobile Homes. Find a Trusted Pro Quick - Contact us for a free consultant today for any waterproofing of your basement or mobile home dampness problems.


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Crawlspaces & Basements smell moldy, they rot, and are just plain damp.

We offer the best price in town for basement encapsulation quotes. We solve mold problems by encapsulating the issues.

Ask a consultant to professially inspect your living space for mold and water problems. Get a free quote on the spot.

Basement or Crawlspace Water Proofing

Our services include making sure that your home is healthy, safe, dryer, and energy efficient. Most Delaware manufactor homes with open vented crawl spaces tend to suffer from moisture-related issues, such as mold and mildew. Besides, water damage can lead to expensive crawl space repair & allow critter to enter. To avoid these issues, our experts recommend encapsulation service. Location: Kent County, Delaware. Phone or Text: (302) 930-0811

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We take the damp out of your home basement.

Waterproofing Is The Best Measure For Unfinished Basements To Ensure They Are Leak-Free. Contact our consultant today for any waterproofing of your basement dampness problems. Keeping water out of your basement is important to avoid damage to your foundation.

Basement & Crawlspace Service

Basement encapsulation services:

Our Basement & Crawlspace Encapsulation Service contractor provides a durable vapor barrier that controls basement or crawlspace moisture, reduces air infiltration, and improves indoor air quality. And can be applied to basements and/or mobile homes dirt floors or concrete slabs.

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Why basement encapsulation?

Avoid cracks in your cellar floor and walls from water damage and inhibits mold growth. Make extra storage space in your home that will remain dry. Gain value to your home investment.

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Our Basement Water Proofing & Cross space Encapsulation Service located in central Delaware provides a durable vapor barrier and controls basement moisture, reduces air infiltration, and improves indoor household air quality provided by a professial Delaware general contractor.